Competition entry, 2017

The Amber Road Trekking Cabin competition calls for the design of a light-weight, easy-to-build trekking cabin along the Latvian Baltic Coast.

Our entry, entitled IcosiCabin, is a modular system of aluminium+plywood panels, reinforced with extruded aluminium profiles. The geometry itself is based on the icosidodecahedron, a regular polyhedron with all equal sides and face rotations. Because of this, the whole cabin can be built with only one type of panel connection, and panels can freely be customised, interchanged, and replaced. Because of the pointsymmetry, cabins can be combined out of one, two, three, four... virtually any number of required basic units in any possible constellation; and thus include extra sleeping space, kitchens, sanitary space, etc.

The IcosiCabin is meticulously dimensioned to offer a spacious feeling within a small and compact volume. The geometry of two units is sublty reflected in the plan, with two connected zones for eating and sleeping. The entrance is located in the connecting zone and features double falcon-wing doors.

As said before, the panels can be adjusted to any possible functionality, and freely interchanged during design or even construction. In this way, the basic unit can be upgraded and adapted to any site location. A step-by-step building procedure was proposed during the competition, along with a detailed cost estimate.