The Teacher's room

S. Leenknegt with Willem Bekers and Nino Heirbaut, 2016-...

The brief entailed the complete refurbishing of the old meeting/stockage spaces for the Department of Architecture, turning it into a mixed working/meeting space where part-time assistants could meet in a more relaxed environment.

The starting reference for this project was “De Collega’s”/”The Colleagues”, a series about a group of cliché government officials within the Finance Department in the ‘80’s. The series is mostly known for the now iconic interiors and general atmosphere. Ironically, through a long-standing monopoly of a single furniture company for all government/university contracts, that atmosphere is still present within the university. Moreover, it is slowly turning into a sought-after retro design style.

The design attempts to push this atmosphere to the limit by using stock university furniture from that age, combined with the infamous green/brown colour schemes and structured glass. As a humouristic take on the continous unplanned refurbishments/adaptations/reorganisations within the university, all of the furniture is printed into the linoleum flooring by a fake coloured shadow. Thus, if any of the furniture of that space would be moved in the future, the “error” would immediately become apparent. (within an Architecture Department, one could also easily imagine the passers-by (often architects) frantically rearranging the chairs, tables, etc. untill it “fits” again).

The only piece of fixed furniture is a long counter+bench, aligned with the main axis of circulation as to subtly divide the corridor and the seating space. The counter is seen as part of the floor, and will be executed in the same linoleum with rounded corners.

Execution start foreseen in 2017.