Multi-family home in Meldert

S. Leenknegt with Frank Leenknegt, 2011

The design of this multi-family home started with a slight touch of Belgian absurdness: the massing volume had to follow the shape of the pre-existing building, a much smaller farming house with a central entrance and shifted volumes.

This strange situation was used to our advantage. The idea of a central entrance was reused, now in the form of a modern driveway+communal hallway. Because of this, only one elevator+stairs was needed to service all appartments. In plan, the appartments were wrapped around the central shaft throughout the volume, giving rise to elegant elongated rooms, surprising spatial effects, and airy see-through studios. The façade was intentionally kept calm, with openings remniscent of the pre-existing window rhythm.

The most suprising consequence of the strange plot however, was the emergence of a double saddle roof on the top levels. The top appartments were therefore kept open towards the roof and thus exhibit unique spatial qualities.