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Wieland Wuyts is an engineer who wants to bridge the gap between calculation and design. He has over 5 years of experience at Studiebureau Mouton, Util, and IPV Delft as structural engineer, working on both public buildings and private houses of renowned international architects. He specialised in parametric modelling coupled to structural analysis. Recently he is working as a consultant in the design of bridges and infrastructural projects.

Sebastiaan Leenknegt is an architect who wants to bridge the gap between design and calculation. He is a project-architect with 5 years of experience at Stéphane Beel Architect and Ney+Partners, working on public space, private houses, real-estate development, and complex structures. He is an expert in coupling complex geometries to fabrication restraints. He is also an energy consultant, and a lecturer at the University of Ghent.