We are specialised in applying computational design tools to product development and architecture.
Our projects range from the scale of furniture, over urban artworks, to full-scale architecture.

Our services are include:

Geometric Control

By using BIM, parametric tools and advanced 3D-modelling, we can control even the most complex of geometries with ease. We produce exact plans for formwork, steel and wood construction, façade pannelling, and window profiles.

Design and engineering

Along with our digital services, we are still designers/engineers; as thus, any model is only as good as it is viable in reality. We design and engineer to build.

Fabrication planning

We create the missing link between architecturel sketch and robotic fabrication, and this for a variety of techniques: 3D-printing, CNC-milling, laser cutting, water jetting, or satellite-driven earthworks.

Algorithmic optimisation

We use AI and common sense to derive the best solution for any given problem; techniques used in the past include evolutionary computing, agent-based systems, and path optimisation.