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BLW staat voor Bureau Leenknegt - Wuyts.

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We are an all-round design and engineering studio, integrating three types of services:

Architectural design:

We believe in high-quality design and follow-up, from the first sketch up to execution stage. Drafting, 3D-modelling, and visualisation is taken care of in-house. We have experience with complex building permit procedures (omgevingsvergunning, Vlarem), as well as collaborating with specialised third party consultants. Before execution, we provide detailled tender documents and estimations. When it comes to building sites, we are passionate about having our boots in the mud.

Structural engineering:

We provide structural engineering for buildings with various types of construction (concrete, steel, wood), in all stages (first estimation to final verification) according to international Eurocodes. Tender documents are part of the standard package; execution drawings can be provided for. We love nothing better but a good challenge.

Environmental consultancy

We help you in determining the best solution for your comfort and your utility bills. We determine insulation levels and technical installation requirements, and help our clients conform to the latest energy regulations (EPB). We believe in buildings that are well designed, thoroughly engineered, and comfortable to use.